Employment Education

A Different Perspective

A hands-on workshop demonstrating best practices for reemployment conducted by current industry leaders, universary educators, and professionals. Registration is required.

A Different Angle

Assisting you in your employment education workout will be current industry leaders, entrepreneurs, universary educators, and corporate professionals. We bring to you a combination of 60 years of experiences. Get a different perspective from a different angle.

The Agenda

1) You will understand and walk-through steps in securing employment.
2) You will learn how to create a competitive edge.
3) You will create a strategic plan in pursuing alterative employment options.
4) You will learn and investigate industry alternatives using current skills and talent.
5) With hands-on assistance, You will identify immediate challenges and how to solve them.
6) With hands-on assistance, resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters will be reviewed for success.
7) and more



2017 Workshop, Training, Events, and Symposium Registration

Join us for an exciting and rewarding symposiums. A symposiums that provide insight on holistic successes and setting priorities for the future.

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